Chandra Bailey, Yoga Instructor

Chandra Bailey, yoga instructor

I have been teaching yoga for over 13 years. I hold a BA in Phys. Ed. and have studied with many great teachers including Chris Chavez. For the past 7 years I have been under the ongoing tutelage of Parvathi Nanda Nath in the Sri Vidya Tantra Lineage and have also been given permission by her teacher to share the Kaula Yoga Dakini Mandala that works to cultivate emotional intelligence and liberate the reactive and habitual conditioning of our Samsaras.

I bring an honest and playful approach to the profound intelligence of these teachings, encouraging you to show up as you are and honor those deep conversations with the self. I will guide you to those doorways and through the ancient Tantra Practices, introduce you to a new dialogue of the heart, a new dance with the self.

When not teaching yoga I may be found howling under a full moon, cruising the used bookstore aisles for my muses, or sitting by a fire on my beach with some cheap red wine and the psalms of Coltrane on my headphones.