Marny Elliott (B.A. Psych., R.I.H.R.) – Parenting Coach and Relationship Counsellor

My passion is supporting adults and children to create nourishing relationships and strong emotional foundations.  My clients experience renewed freedom from detrimental cycles of bringing the past into today, deeper compassion in relating to self and others, greater clarity and calm around current challenges and personal strength to move forward with new skills, conscious choice and positive outcomes. They also learn effective techniques to help children do the same.

As a Certified Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA) Trainer, I empower adults to intentionally create relationships that build strong children from the inside out. Simple and effective, NHA transforms challenging behaviours, deepens connection and minimizes conflict through the power of how, when and why we relate. Children build skills for lifelong success and adults gain confidence and tools to navigate the journey of raising children with greater trust, influence and joy.

As a Certified Spiritual Psychotherapist, my focus is on you. Since we are always in relationships, with ourselves and others, both nurturing and challenging experiences provide a profound opportunity to learn, love and let go. Understanding how our personal beliefs, patterns and behaviours now affect our inner and outer success, can reveal our choices and opportunities to shift.

I have been guiding people through change since 2000 in both IBM and private practice.  I am also a parent, relentless in reducing stress in my home, increasing joy within my family and supporting my children to build Inner Wealth™. An open, honest and safe forum free from judgement is a cornerstone of my work to help you and your children thrive.    250-218-8702