Jennifer Mansell, counsellor

Jennifer Mansell MSW RSW CYT

I have supported and counselled people with disabilities, students, youth involved in the criminal justice system, youth and adults with addictions and mental health concerns, multi-stressed families and couples in crisis. My current specialized interests are mindfulness-based couples counselling, perinatal and maternal mental health, family therapy, and somatic therapies including yoga and Hakomi.

Lilli Zoltos, counsellor

Lili Zsoldos, Counsellor

I offer counselling and personalized yoga therapy services and specialize in grief and loss, aging, death and dying, trauma, attachment based parenting, parenting after separation, anxiety, depression, healthy boundaries, support through life transitions, mindfulness and meditation coaching. separation, anxiety, depression, healthy boundaries, support through life transitions, 

Paula Purcell, counsellor

Paula Purcell, Registered Clinical Counsellor

I have experience working with individuals, couples and families, from teens to seniors, and with a multitude of issues including grief, loss, mental health, parenting, emotion regulation, relationship issues and the overall overcoming of life’s challenges.  I engage Systemic, Interpersonal and Cognitive Behavioral approaches, and utilize the concept and practice of Mindfulness on a daily basis.

Marny Elliott (B.A. Psych., R.I.H.R.) – Parenting Coach and Relationship Counsellor

I work with adults and children to elevate how they relate to themselves and each other. Using the Nurtured Heart Approach® and Spiritual Psychotherapy, I support families, communities and individuals to end negative patterns, resolve uncertainty and address challenging personal/interpersonal behavior and conflict to bring deeper awareness, kindness, respect, compassion, joy and success.

Jessica Dorzinsky, EFT counsellor

Jessica Dorzinsky, EFT Tapping Counsellor

I combine real-deal, soul-based coaching with Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as EFT or tapping. EFT is like acupuncture, but for the mind. No needles! This clinically-backed method has unbelievable results for changing negative thinking patterns, and for treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, sports performance and chronic pain.