Barb Timmer, Reiki

Barb Timmer, RCRT, Reiki Master/Teacher

Hi, my name is Barb Timmer! I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and have been practicing for the past 15 years in Calgary. I am so excited to now call the Comox Valley my home and, even more so, to be practicing at Nourish Wellness in Comox!

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive Japanese energy technique used for relaxation, stress reduction & inner balance. Many years ago, during a very busy time of my life, this energy therapy was what helped reduce my stress and eliminate my panic attack symptoms. That got my attention and so began my lifelong study of all things Reiki! It has proven to be an incredible self-care ‘tool’ for me on a daily basis and through pivotal & traumatic times since.

Reiki has been described as ‘spiritually-guided life force energy’. For me, it is like a booster shot of Unconditional Love & Higher Wisdom that helps to balance and promote healing on all levels – body, mind and soul. It is a beautiful complement to any other form of therapy and a much-needed infusion of calm, peace and clarity into each of our busy lives and our world!

You will receive your treatment on a massage table, fully clothed, no shoes. Tissue is not manipulated at all. My hands are placed lightly on or above different energy positions on your body and kept there while the Reiki energy flows through them and into your energy field.

I invite you to try this deeply-relaxing and profoundly healing treatment on your road to better health and a joyful life!

Founder, Co-Creational Self-Healing

Usui/Holy Fire II, Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher

Professional Member, Reiki Membership Association

Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist, Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC)

Certified Spring Forest Qigong Practice Group Leader