Stephanie Grozell, Yoga & Pilates Instructor

Stephanie Grozell, Yoga and Pilates Instructor

I am a Registered Acupuncturist, a certified Yoga instructor, and certified Pilates Mat & Reformer instructor. My teaching style reflects my passion for mind-body connection, developing self-awareness, and providing safe and progressive options to build on health, connection to self, strength and flexibility.

With over 4.5 years of teaching experience, personal practice, certification in Yoga & Pilates, as well as a Diploma in Acupuncture I have combined comprehensive knowledge and practical experience to incorporate new and old theories on health, body mechanics and self-care into all of her offerings. It is my belief that health and healing go hand in hand and that it is the role of the instructor/practitioner to support their clients on their own personal journeys. 

I incorporate my continuing education in pelvic floor work, prenatal and postpartum Pilates, as well as prenatal yoga certification, into classes that are designed to benefit pre and post natal clients. My current class offerings are designed to re-establish strength and connection from the deepest layer outwards, create balance within the body, and create a strong integration that can benefit my clients in their everyday activities.