Suzan Moldenhauer, Counsellor

I help people who are struggling with challenges ranging from anxiety and depression to disordered eating and trauma. So many people find themselves stuck and in distress to the point of suffering. My entire practice is dedicated to opening people’s eyes to the understanding of the power of self-compassion and how it can literally change our relationship with emotional pain and open new doors to a life that is so richly deserved. By wrapping pain in the warm embrace of self-compassion, we lessen depression, anxiety, and poor body image and increase happiness, life satisfaction, and peace of mind.
Self-compassion sets a sense of safety and care. In a state of care, we can start addressing what is painful for us and turn courageously toward our suffering with kindness, acceptance, and love. We start to plant the seeds that will empower us to use our inner resources so we can face any challenge life throws our way.
I understand the courage it takes to reach out for support. I know how important it is to find that person who provides a safe, non-judgmental space that allows you to be completely real and honest so you can work through the tough stuff. I am prepared to support you on your journey with the added insights from my own deep work with self-compassion.

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