Brumby Berge, Somatic Therapist, Counsellor

As a Somatic Therapist you can expect my sessions to offer a gentle space for you and your body to connect.

I offer insight and education towards your nervous system exploring how your body is responding to overwhelm (anxiety), underwhelm (depression) and co regulation (social environments).

I introduce educational and practical tools which help to expand your threshold of tolerance towards daily or life long blockages and/or challenges in life.


In a nutshell, these sessions are a mindful based experience encouraging awareness towards your nervous system and your higher Self.



Somatics is an umbrella term used to describe anything in relation to the body. In Somatic Therapy you are invited to journey inward and practice being present with your body physiologically and psychologically.

My Somatic sessions offer a multi disciplinary practice of body based healing modalities including aspects of:

Polyvagal Theory – Parts Theory – Attachment Theory – Biology – Neurology.

Additionally eastern traditional  practices of:

Mindfulness – Yoga – Breathwork

Enjoy this gentle offering to slow down, tune in and hold space for your body, thoughts and emotions.

“Somatic Therapy builds space to breathe in moments of frustration, panic, anger,  fear, rage, sadness or even in complete fatigue and collapse.

Empowering you to make choices you desire.

Allowing you to participate in your life.”


You will be able to overcome all challenging emotions, we will simply attempt to build a practice around how to be ok when challenging emotions arise.

Our life can seem like a battle ground often taking hit after hit. We learn to either get angry and rage or collapse in exhaustion and stop trying. We begin to shut down, avoid, resist and maybe even give up on ourselves.

Somatic Therapy can help you reconnect with those parts of yourself that may be feeling stressed, scared, hidden, suffocated or ignored.

Somatic Therapy can be a way of discovering who you are, allowing you to reconnect with your joy and Passion for life.