Full Moon Circle, 7:00 – 10:00pm

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23/03/07 7:/00 pm - 10:/00 pm
Come gather as women, under the full moon each month to cleanse ourselves of the month we leave behind and set intentions for the new month.

For time immemorial women have gathered in sacred circle. This simple act of sitting in circle, sharing stories and our individual wisdom has healed women and empowered them since the dawn of humanity. We have lost this special and ancient practice and it is time we began to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors and connect with one another on a deeper level.

Humans thrive on connection. We are social creatures and in order to full be healed and in harmony we need the support and empowerment from our village. This is a safe space and anything shared will not leaver the circle. This is a space for no judgement and it a space to share if you feel called.

Gathering under the Full Moon, each month is a tradition seen in cultures all over the world, as it is believed to be a time when energy is at its strongest. Each month, we will speak about a topic that will be chosen through Oracle cards during circle, we will then share ( if we feel called) as to how this topic pretains to our own lives currently.

Order of ceremony:

730-740: arrival and welcome
740-750: acknowledgement, explanation of current full moon and oracle deck
750-800: shuffling of cards and drawing of card, explanation of card
800-815: journal entry on how card pretains to ourselves
815-900: circle share of our thoughts and wisdom on the card
900-910: intentions ritual
910-920: guided mediation
920-930: farewell

light snacks will be provided.
Cushions and blankets will be provided.
Please no footwear in the studio.
Bring your own beverages – alcohol is not permitted.
Bring your own journal and pen

Come and join us for a truly unique and fully healing experience each month. Meet with like-minded women and make connections that last a lifetime.

See you at the Full Moon.

Facilitated by Molly Brock of We The Wild – Birth Services.