Healing My Nervous System 7:30-9:00pm

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20/10/12 7:/30 pm - 9:/00 pm

Healing My Nervous System 

This series aims to develop an understanding of your nervous system; it’s functions and effects on our health, actions, thoughts and emotions.

What To Expect?

This series will be a therapeutic environment for your body and mind to understand and experience relaxation, safety and belonging.

You can expect restorative guided meditations, educational presentations and group discussions. This group has a max of 8 participants to ensure each individual has a healthy and nourishing experience.


  • Introducing the nervous system.

  • Overcoming Overwhelm: What is stress and anxiety and how is it affecting my body, mind and health.

  • Overcoming Underwhelm: What is depression and how is it affecting my body, mind and health.

  • Integrations: Body based tools for stepping into my fullness!


  • Expanded capacity in times of overwhelm

  • Experiencing more drive, self confidence & joy

  • Improved sense of intuition & connection

  • Stronger communication and reflection skills

Who is your Facilitator?

Brumby is a Somatic Therapist and Wholistic Counsellor. She is currently practicing in the Comox Valley as well as offering a variety of group workshops and conscious gatherings. Brumby is a co-founder of Sisterhood of the Valley workshops, Restorative Somatics & Emotional Healing classes and Soul Vibes: ReWilding Dance Events. Brumby specialises in creating safe and explorative environments for transformation, education and growth.

Please see her website for more details @ coachingwithbrumby.com

Mondays, 7:30-9:00pm, September 14th-October 19th

Investment: $190


To Register or for more information contact: coachbrumby@gmail.com