Reiki Masters Certification Program, 9:30-5:30pm

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22/09/18 9:/30 am - 5:/50 pm

Reiki Masters Certification Program, 9:30-5:30pm with Charlotte Conley

The masters level initiates us in unearthing a new level of authenticity. A profound unveiling of self love and honour. A deep understanding and embodiment of non-attachment and unconditional love. Reprogramming limiting beliefs and washing away old patterns. Awakening you to your true potentional and your purpose. After completion you will be Holy Fire III Reiki Certified and able to both take clients and teach levels 1,2 & 3. Your Reiki Master Certification is recognized by the International Centre of Reiki Training and the Reiki Association Go to to learn more about the course and how to sign up!