Heather Evans, Yoga Instructor

Heather Evans, Yoga Instructor

Heather Evans, MS, E-RYT 200, YACEP
When we meet a guide who resonates with us on such a deep level that together we can finally set in motion a lasting transformation. When that person knows we are ready to say goodbye to the stagnation lingering in our body and mind, the magic can begin.

I am that guide, and my powerful, no-nonsense approach will rock your world.

My intuitive instruction, comprised of a unique and cohesive hybrid of yoga and life coaching, cuts through your blockages and propels you to the next step with uncanny efficiency and grace. Yes…I will ask a lot, and encourage you to do some deep excavation, but you will feel safe as I serve as your unfailing partner in the discovery of your true, authentic, joyful self.  In my classes and workshops – whether we are practising Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, or Restorative – there is always a deep emphasis on transformation, energetics, breath, playfulness, and personal empowerment.

You have to be fed up with mediocrity and ready for your breakthrough. This work – on and off the mat – will unveil the barriers preventing you from moving forward and they are not always pretty. But, with me by your side, you will learn how to flourish while squashing the demons that have hampered the full realization of your success.

Discover your strength. Reveal your courage. Activate your full capacity to love yourself and others. No one can do this for you –– If you aren’t waking up each day filled with wonder and gratitude, you need this!