Massage Therapy

Michael Kono, Massage Therapy

I have been registered with the College of Massage Therapy of British Columbia since 1999.  The primary modality of my practice early on used  Myofascial Release Technique, a modality that targets connective tissue adherences that lead to restrictions and symptoms within our framework.  During the following years, I incorporated modalities such as, Soft Tissue Release Therapy, Somatics, and Muscle Balance and Function. With all the techniques, the work in massage therapy felt incomplete.
It wasn’t until years later that a fellow body healer said that I chose the healing science field to heal myself.  It was then that the deep dive into self awareness became an integral part of my life, which I feel has helped to enrich my treatment approach.
The next stage of growth came after discovering the treatment philosophy of manual osteopathy.  Osteopathy is a holistic treatment modality that is rooted in anatomy, physiology and neurology.  The treatment approach is to consider your symptoms along with your personal and medical history combined with an understanding of the interrelationships of the systems of the body to formulate a treatment plan. I am presently enrolled in the British Columbia School of Manual Osteopathy and am nearing the end of the program.  I am also enrolled in the medical Qigong practitioner program to explore an eastern model of health and healing.
Treatments I feel, no longer travel in a linear fashion with my knowledge imposed onto you and your treatment, but I now reside in being centred, grounded.  This allows me to listen to what your body needs, to unwind strains held in the body which I feel can free the body to initiate it’s own healing cascade.
I moved to the valley in 2003 with my wife and two daughters. I am currently enjoying life with Lucinda as we navigate being empty nesters. I enjoy cooking, fitness and Fluevogs.