Jacqui Willcocks, Yoga Instructor

Jacqui Willcocks

Jacqui has been a full time Yoga teacher in the Vancouver community since 2011 and has recently moved to the beautiful Comox Valley with her family. Movement has been at the centre of her life from an early age as
a professional dancer and she draws on this extensive knowledge to create classes that are strong, accessible and fun to do. She believes that there are many facets to our health and well being and brings into her classes a wealth of lived experiences. She is a Reiki Master, learned in GeoTran Energetic field psychology and has studied with teachers from many diverse spiritual paths.
Her practice is rooted in love; the love of our lives, our communities and our world. She is also an emerging poet and graduate from the Writers Studio at Simon Fraser University, the proud mother of two. She facilitates healing movement experiences with the intention of uplifting and empowering others to live more fully into their lives.