LJ Jackett, Yoga Instructor

LJ Jackett, Yoga Instructor

I fell in love with yoga many years ago now while backpacking around Australia.

It was the beginning of spiritual journey I never even knew I would take! Yoga was the ultimate spark for this, and still, every single time I practice, I am amazed how it connects my body and mind together… how it helps to connect the dots and relax the jumble in my head.

I’ve been a student for over 10 years and I’ve taken classes and courses around the globe. I owe a great deal to yoga and meditation — these practices have anchored me in very difficult times in my past.

I place great value on Breath, and I encourage my students to consciously breath during class for continual presence… to breath space into the body to open channels of new life energy.

My many years as a DJ and radio personality also bring my passion for music to class which adds an ethereal element  to help open blockages in body and mind.   I also brings Yoga Nidra meditation to my classes. This is a healing meditation used by the teacher that brings the student on the point of wakefulness and sleep when the body is in a state of advanced receptivity for healing…. a total state of bliss!

I teach all styles of yoga around the Comox Valley and Campbell River.

When I’m not teaching yoga I’m often on the trails hiking with my dog, or making a plant-derived concoction in my blender!  I can also be found selling my homemade nut mylk and nut butters at local seasonal markets around the valley.

Contact: ljyoganature@gmail.com