Osteopathic Practitioner

Teara Ashby, Osteopathic Practitioner

My Osteopathic training was completed at the Vancouver Campus of the Canadian
School of Osteopathy, Manual Practice.
Manual Osteopathy is a holistic treatment modality strongly rooted in anatomy,
physiology, and embryology. Osteopathic manual practitioners holistically assess
all body systems in search of the root cause that is preventing the full expression
of the health and vitality that inherently resides within us.
Osteopathy has its origins in the laws of nature. Andrew Taylor Still, founder of
Osteopathy, turned to nature after losing four of his children to cerebrospinal
meningitis despite administering the medical treatments prescribed at the time.
He realized that all things in nature were parts of a greater whole. Still observed
how living systems in the natural world restored balance and harmony and
applied this to the human body. For me, Osteopathy has transcend being just a
therapeutic approach to become my way of life. Any obstacle I encounter,
whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual, I always return to Gaia and ask her
what she would do. In so doing, I am able to meet patients in a way that validates
their whole being, celebrates how exquisitely perfect each person is, and
holistically strive to restore a healthy balance for them. Each day is a new day of
discovery that reveals and confirms the innate healing powers of the human body.
My mission is to empower you on your personal journey toward greater health and
In addition to my practice, I run many popular workshops on understanding
hormones, the internal visceral anatomy and a series for practitioners treating
pregnant moms & newborn babes. Please visit
for enrollment.
If you would like to learn more about me and my journey, please visit: