Our Yoga Team

Jennifer Mansell, Studio Owner/Yoga Instructor

I combine my training in classical Hatha yoga, several years of experience as a competitive runner and triathlete, and 2 decades of experience in the field of mental health to offer a unique practice to students. Using the breath as a guide, benefits include strengthening and purifying the body and mind, decreasing stress and illness, and increasing our capacity for self-compassion. 

Contact: jennifer@nourishwellnesscomox.com

Janet Haigh, Yoga Therapist

I welcome opportunities to offer joyful service as a trauma-sensitive Yoga Therapist and small-class Yoga Teacher to help you achieve your individual and specific wellness goals.  I work with kindness, curiosity and gentle open-mindedness to assist you in discovering the healing benefits of yoga: anxiety reduction, balanced energy levels, increased resilience, stress relief, greater flexibility, and fitness of mind, body and spirit.  Whether we use a mat, a chair or other means, I firmly believe there is blue sky within each of us to reclaim and bask beneath … care to explore more of it together?

Contact: janet@blueskyyoga.ca

Kelsey Callaway Dubois, Yoga Instructor

Yoga for me is the ideal portal to embodiment. Movement, breath and interoception lead to an experience of dropping out of your head and deeper into your body.  As a registered massage therapist, I see beautiful outcomes when manual therapy is complemented by intentional movement. My yoga classes intend to bring you deeply into your body while inspiring strength, flexibility, tension release and mindfulness.

Contact: kelseycallawayrmt@gmail.com

Sheron Jutila, Yoga Instructor

I have been sharing my passion of yoga for 16 years, yet I am still in awe of the new things my students and I discover every time we step onto our mats. I love that I will never know everything about this practice. Knowing this keeps me excited, receptive and aware. What might you experience in one of my classes? Presence, trust, growth, peace, freedom, commitment, laughter, rebelliousness, curiosity and acceptance. But… don’t take my word for it – join us and find out for yourself!

Contact: yogasheron@gmail.com

Carolyn Pigott, Somatics Instructor

Carolyn Pigott, Somatics Instructor

I have worked closely with experienced Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers,
Chiropractors and Physiotherapists, in gym, clinic and spa settings. I have over 17 years experience and have learned many valuable perspectives on how to
encourage healing and functionality to return where it has gone out of balance.

Contact: carolynrmt@yahoo.ca

Catherine Reid, Yoga Instructor

Catherine Reid, BA, RYT

My very first Yoga class was one of those aha moments.  I felt at home, in body and mind, for maybe the first time ever.  This was in 1974, and although it took me 30 years to wind up in Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga always wove itself in and out of my life as a trusted support.


Alana Taylor, Yoga Instructor

RYT 200/hot/sculpt/rowyoga/yin
I have taught and managed several studios over the past 10 years including Yyoga Vancouver.  I bring my heartfelt energy and enthusiasm for yoga to the Comox Valley area and I look forward to growing my community.
In my classes you can expect a balanced approach – humour, inspirational messaging, excellent cueing and instruction and a caring and encouraging manner.

Akiko Shima, Yoga Instructor

I was introduced yoga when I was pregnant with my eldest son, and completed yoga teacher training in 2006. My curiosity led into many hours of meditation, pre/postnatal, restorative, somatics and yoga for cancer training. I truly believe that yoga is for everyone, and welcome all level of practitioners.

Contact: yogaandzen.comox@gmail.com

Tina Pringle, Yoga Therapist & Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga | C-IAYT, RYT500

My mission is to serve the Comox Valley and beyond by inspiring and empowering individuals to explore the benefits of a movement and meditation practice. I believe we all have a gift inside of us and it is the ability to learn, grow and flourish. I offer in-person and online group classes and private yoga therapy to provide safe spaces for adults seeking to improve their health and wellbeing.

Contact: evolveyoga@shaw.ca

Jacqui Willcocks, Yoga Instructor

Jacqui has been a full time Yoga teacher in the Vancouver community since 2011 and has recently moved to the beautiful Comox Valley with her family. Movement has been at the centre of her life from an early age as a professional dancer and she draws on this extensive knowledge to create classes that are strong, accessible and fun to do.

Contact: jmtrieber@gmail.com

Caela Gillies, Yoga Instructor

I am a space holder, teacher, healer and forever student. I have a passion for helping people come back into the body, reconnect to breath and regulate the Nervous System. I encourage embodiment by creating a safe container for grounding, release and unwinding. I have trained in Yin and Restorative Yoga, Hatha and Pranayama, and Vinyasa flow. I attune to the natural rhythms of the seasons and adapt my classes to honour the cycling needs of the Self. My yoga offering is influenced by my practice as a Craniosacral Therapist, inviting the subtle awareness of the field of spaciousness within and around us.

Amy Creech, Yoga Instructor

I was first introduced to yoga through a prenatal class while pregnant with my first daughter 11 years ago. This class taught me the power of breath for endurance and sparked a new path in my personal growth. Over the years it has brought me to a steady practice of ongoing self-inquiry and healing in both my body and mind. Among other things, yoga has healed my chronic SI joint pain and teaches me self-love and freedom from judgment towards myself and others. I am so happy to be able to come alongside and share the gift of yoga with anyone who is ready to receive it!

Contact: amyraecreech@gmail.com

Molly Brock, Doula, Birth Educator, Counsellor, Facilitator, Herbalist

I grew up exploring the forests, mountains and landscape of BC. My affinity to the moon and things magic resignations with me since I was a girl. I have held rituals under the full moon for many years usually alone but after the pandemic and becoming a mother for the first time I opened my ritual to all women. For time immemorial women have sat in sacred circle creating a supportive, safe and empowering experience.

Contact: info.wethewild@gmail.com