Our Yoga Team – Full Bio

Alivia Veenstra, instructor

Alivia Veenstra, Yoga Instructor

My experience with yoga is ever changing, as I flow from rigorous and physical vinyasa classes, to deep and patient yin practices, to soft and healing restorative poses. Each practice serves a different need, but the end result is often the same: greater peace, a stronger body, and a stiller mind. As a teacher, I focus on breath as the catalyst for movement and change, paying particular attention to alignment as I guide you through poses meant to strengthen, soften, and calm. Expect to laugh, to learn, and to flow to the beat of the music.


Megan Tomlinson, yoga instructor

Megan Tomlinson, Yoga Instructor

My first experience with yoga was potent. It provided an antidote for the anxiety I was living with as a young adult, it offered insight into the spiritual questions I grappled with as a child and lead to a lifelong commitment to the yoga practice. In addition to being recognized as an experienced yoga instructor (ERYT-500) with over 2700 hours of teaching experience and continuing education provider (YACEP), I am a community nurse (RN) and a mother of two.

Influenced by the Krishnamacharya lineage, I have been teaching yoga since 2005. I have had the opportunity to study with gifted yoga leaders in a range of Hatha yoga practices including restorative yoga, Iyengar, Vijnana, and Viniyoga. I am eternally grateful to Mugs McConnell (www.soyayoga.com) and Sama Fabian (www.aurolabyoga.net), both of whom have be instrumental in guiding my practice and teachings.

I have experience as a nurse and yoga instructor in working with people living with chronic pain, anxiety, depression and addictions.  I aim to offer yoga classes that are trauma informed, adaptable and provide a therapeutic experience for the practitioner.

rovide a therapeutic experience for the practitioner.

Chandra Bailey, yoga instructor

Chandra Bailey, Yoga Instructor

I have been teaching yoga for over 13 years. I hold a BA in Phys. Ed. and have studied with many great teachers including Chris Chavez. For the past 7 years I have been under the ongoing tutelage of Parvathi Nanda Nath in the Sri Vidya Tantra Lineage and have also been given permission by her teacher to share the Kaula Yoga Dakini Mandala that works to cultivate emotional intelligence and liberate the reactive and habitual conditioning of our Samsaras.

I bring an honest and playful approach to the profound intelligence of these teachings, encouraging you to show up as you are and honor those deep conversations with the self. I will guide you to those doorways and through the ancient Tantra Practices, introduce you to a new dialogue of the heart, a new dance with the self.

When not teaching yoga I may be found howling under a full moon, cruising the used bookstore aisles for my muses, or sitting by a fire on my beach with some cheap red wine and the psalms of Coltrane on my headphones.


Karen Squires, instructor

Karen Squires, Yoga Instructor

B.Ed qualified teaching has been foundational in my life. In 1997 I personally experienced the healing power of Hatha Yoga. Now combining these two aspects I feel I am living my purpose; to guide you toward increased health, wellbeing and ease. Release stress, accept limitations, steadily navigate challenge, relax and heal holistically. The promise of Yoga is unity, wholeness. I offer a variety of classes all to create more balance; within body, mind and in your life. Return to centre, increase strength and flexibility, feel better. A gently powerful blend of poses, relaxation, reflection, simple meditation and symbolism. Exploring the Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga allows the practice to deepen. Classes are open to everyone, of all ages and abilities. Please bring a journal.


Gillian Ingrey, instructor

Gillian Ingrey, Yoga Instructor

I would love to share my experience of yoga with you to help you achieve healing both on and off your yoga mat. My passion for yoga started 20 years ago. I remember walking away from my first yoga class feeling taller and lighter. I believe the way we do one thing is the way we do everything. Let’s find out who we are on our mats and take a journey of self-healing.  Along with my 200 hour yoga teacher training I have been trained in Ayurveda yoga, prenatal yoga, and kids yoga.  I’m honored to be sharing this beautiful space with you. Be the Light!


Sue McGiffin, Yoga Instructor

Sue McGiffin. ECE, SN, IT, RYT 200

My passion for yoga began many years ago while living in the Pemberton Valley, there I found a practice that helped me grow stronger, more flexible and become more confident both on and off the mat. As my practice developed I found a great ability to find peace within my mind, body and with the constant changes in my life.

Now I am a dedicated practitioner and teacher with a strong background in child development. I received my RYT 200 hour while studying at Red Door Yoga in Lantzville and have since deepened my knowledge by specializing in yoga for children. In 2013 I started teaching children’s classes here in the Comox Valley and have had the opportunity to witness first hand the physical and emotional benefits of allowing children room to move and explore within their learning through yoga and meditation.

My classes interweave asanas through song, story and dance; as well as presenting meditation in a developmentally appropriate way so that children are able to experience and explore yoga in a fun and playful manner. I am very excited to continue to share my knowledge and teach yoga to children in an enjoyable and creative way.


Katie Kennedy, Yoga Teacher

Katie Kennedy, Yoga Teacher

My yoga practice began in 2007.  I completed my RYT200 training with Julia McCabe in 2014. Since then I have received training from Seane Corn, Natalie Rousseau and Kavita Maharja, on my path to RYT500.

My hope is that all levels of students will feel welcomed in my classes, and that they will enjoy the benefits of both Vinyasa Flow and Yin yoga practices. The combination of these two asana classes offer balance, core strength and alignment with Flow, and deepened flexibility and mobility with Yin.

I was initially drawn to the physical benefits of yoga, but quickly grew passionate about the opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. Learning the value of increased presence and self-love has deepened my experience in nature and in myself.

I hold a diploma in Fitness and Nutrition and I work at 19 Wing Comox as a fitness and sports instructor. My experience as a mom of two amazing teenagers provides me with many rewarding experiences in which to learn and grow.

I encourage others to follow their excitement and live their life with love and gratitude.

Katie Kennedy – Yoga – Total Lifestyle Conditioning: 250-792-1691


Penny Smith

I believe life is all about love, acceptance, adventure, alignment and growth. As humans we are full of magic & infinite possibility with  the power to shift and transform through many dimensions including connection & movement of the body and the mind.. It is my honour to be able to guide others through their journeys on and off the mat.

For over 25 years I have been  a dedicated student and participant of yoga, meditation, fitness, personal development and spirituality. Always and forever a student; in 2012  I officially  transitioned into the roles of Life and Wellness Coach, Yoga & Meditation teacher. My number one goal as a yoga teacher and Coach is to inspire and provide students or clients an experience to unpack and discover the greatest parts of themselves from the inside – out.

I call it the WELLTHY  life – alignment of mind, body and soul.

All my classes are heart based at the core and will offer you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone to grow and challenge yourself.  You can expect in every class or workshop an element of safely stretching your “growing edge”, playfulness, MindFUNfullness and an opportunity to strengthen your inner light and channel of self-love.


*completed over 1200 hours of various yoga and meditation trainings with Ashtanga based Vinyasa Flow being the first 200hrs (2012).

Most recently I have taken a deep dive with Blissology yoga and am on the path towards completing and additional 500 hrs.

Current class offerings include: Fit Flow, Vinyasa Flow & Restorative.

Contact: wellthypen111@gmail.com