Stephanie Isabella Twa, Reiki Level II, BSN

I believe healing happens from within. It may be subtle shifts that help us become more grounded and connected, or noticeable changes that completely transform our lives; either way, each of us has our own unique needs in order to facilitate healing within us. 

Through Reiki sessions, I work on an individual basis to help promote, initiate, and even amplify your body’s natural healing abilites. Since healing happens from within, I do not heal you. I can be better thought of as your personal energy guide, and Reiki energy will continue to work through you in the days following our session. 

Through my own health challenges, I learned that there are layers to health and healing. This is not about quick fixes or covering up symptoms. This is about understanding yourself and your needs in a different way than you may have ever before. 

After a personal stretch of 2.5 years experiencing daily migraines (in addition to previous years of chronic pain), my own views on health drastically changed. Interestingly, through that time, I was completing my Bachelors of Science in Nursing and learning how to support others with their health. Since then, moving my body, strengthening or expainding my mind, and nourishing my soul have become fundamental parts of my day to day life. Reiki is one of the many tools I’ve used in my own healing journey.

When I’m not in the session room, you can find me hiking, exploring new waterfalls, or dipping in the ocean. I was born and raised on Vancouver Island, and over the last year I’ve had the privilege of calling the Comox Valley my home. I love a good adventure and follow the little nudges through life that always seem to lead to the most amazing experiences. I currently work part time as a nurse in the field of Mental Health and Addictions, as well as Home and Community Care nursing. Through and through, health and healing are my passions.

I look forward to connecting.

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