Taylor Cascanette, Yoga Instructor

I am a human, just like you. I identify as a seeker, survivor and friend. I teach trauma-informed Yoga in community, and love helping people feel safe and empowered while connecting with their bodies.

I believe in creating a safe space to meet yourself wherever you are at. A space to feel respected, at choice, and included. I believe that within this space, we can heal and recover our relationships to ourselves and our bodies. We can find the pieces of ourselves that got lost, and start to reclaim our lives.

My Yoga mat has always offered me a refuge, a place I knew I could come, to breathe, move, rest and be safe. A place to just….be myself, on my own terms, with no pressure, no expectations. It’s a refuge that offered me non-violence, non-judgment, acceptance, self-discovery and a sense of belonging.  This refuge helped me feel like myself again, and has helped me find synchrony in life. I am more myself than I have ever been!

And now, I want to share this with you.

If you are seeking a safe space for mindful movement and connection – I am here.

If you are curious about creating a relationship with your body – I am here.

If you are in survivorship, or looking to heal from mental health, trauma or addictions- I am here.

If you just want to slow down, de-stress, rest and relax – I am here.

Through my soothing voice, you will feel encouraged, connected, and cared for. While sharing an experience together, I will support you to feel relaxed, regulated and calm. I can help guide you into your body, finding presence through your felt experience. You can explore moments of hope, of acceptance and you will be respected for showing up as yourself.

Everyone’s life experience is different, so I won’t claim to know what you’re going through.

But I understand what it can be like to feel a little lost.

I have gone through complex trauma. I have PTSD and panic attacks.

AND, I also love….

To hang out with my cat (because he’s the best)

To dance and laugh until my face hurts

To love and build relationships

To get uncomfortable because those are moments for growth

To honor my self-care and listen to my gut feelings

To go on adventures and exercise daily

To get cozy, watch movies

To read books and make music

We are humans, sharing a human experience.

Contact: taylor@embodiedchoiceyoga.com