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October 18 - October 21
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    Gentle Yoga 10:15-11:15am

    10:/15 am-11:/15 am

    Gentle Yoga with Sheron Jutila

    Mondays 10:15-11:15am

    September 14 to October 26 (no class October 12th)


    Class description:

    A blend of styles that includes mostly floor poses (seated, belly, back). A slow moving and calming practice with stretching and easy strengthening. Suitable for those that are slow in getting up and down from the floor, have limited mobility or are looking for a mellow practice.

    Gentle Yoga 4:00-5:00pm

    4:/00 pm-5:/00 pm
    Gentle Yoga with Catherine Reid
    If you’d like a quiet, slow-moving class, this is for you.  Suitable if you’re new to Yoga. Breathe away your stress and emerge from class feeling calmer, looser, and joyful.
    Investment: $108
    To Register contact:

    Candlelit Slow Flow and Restore 5:30-6:30 pm

    5:/30 pm-6:/30 pm
    Candlelit Slow Night Flow and Restore
    Unwind the day beginning with calming the mind through breath then moving through a slow and steady vinyasa flow with various sequencing;
     transitioning into restorative shapes that will prepare for a sweet restful sleep.
    Mondays 5:30-6:30pm
    September 14th- November 2nd

    Classes Rates:

    $20.00 drop in
    $80.00 for 5 class pass
    $140.00 for 10 class pass
    Payments: Cash, E transfer
    To Register contact:

    Healing My Nervous System 7:30-9:00pm

    7:/30 pm-9:/00 pm

    Healing My Nervous System 

    This series aims to develop an understanding of your nervous system; it’s functions and effects on our health, actions, thoughts and emotions.

    What To Expect?

    This series will be a therapeutic environment for your body and mind to understand and experience relaxation, safety and belonging.

    You can expect restorative guided meditations, educational presentations and group discussions. This group has a max of 8 participants to ensure each individual has a healthy and nourishing experience.


    • Introducing the nervous system.

    • Overcoming Overwhelm: What is stress and anxiety and how is it affecting my body, mind and health.

    • Overcoming Underwhelm: What is depression and how is it affecting my body, mind and health.

    • Integrations: Body based tools for stepping into my fullness!


    • Expanded capacity in times of overwhelm

    • Experiencing more drive, self confidence & joy

    • Improved sense of intuition & connection

    • Stronger communication and reflection skills

    Who is your Facilitator?

    Brumby is a Somatic Therapist and Wholistic Counsellor. She is currently practicing in the Comox Valley as well as offering a variety of group workshops and conscious gatherings. Brumby is a co-founder of Sisterhood of the Valley workshops, Restorative Somatics & Emotional Healing classes and Soul Vibes: ReWilding Dance Events. Brumby specialises in creating safe and explorative environments for transformation, education and growth.

    Please see her website for more details @

    Mondays, 7:30-9:00pm, September 14th-October 19th

    Investment: $190


    To Register or for more information contact:

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    Hatha 2 (Intermediate) Yoga 1:00-2:30pm

    1:/00 pm-2:/30 pm
    Hatha 2 (Intermediate) Yoga with Catherine Reid


    This class is for you if you’ve been practicing Yoga for at least a year.

    You are aware of the connection between movement and breath, and possibly familiar with Sun Salutations. You feel strong and balanced in challenging standing poses.

    Investment: $120

    To Register contact:

    Vinyasa Flow 5:00-6:30pm

    5:/00 pm-6:/30 pm

    Instructor: Katie Kennedy
    This active practice is dynamic in nature and creates mindful movements from one posture to the next and challenges you to find flexibility, strength and concentration within your postures.  A combination of sun salutations, standing postures, balances, twists, seated and lying postures are weaved together into a fun, themed class with music.  This class creates a workout type feel while toning the body and clearing your mind.  This is an athletic practice and it is recommended that students feel strong through classic sun salutations.

    To register: 
    Contact Katie at

    Yin Yoga 7:00pm-8:30pm

    7:/00 pm-8:/15 pm

    Yin Yoga with Katie Kennedy

    A style of yoga that invites you to slow down and create space for stillness, nurture your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and fascia.  By holding the postures for 2-5 min or longer, the deeper connective tissues are affected and improvement in flexibility is the result.  The use of probs are encouraged in each posture so that the body feels supported and relaxed and then has the chance to release.  This class is a great complement if you have an active lifestyle (active yoga, running, cycling, sports etc) or if you are wanting a calming, meditative type of practice.  Suitable for all students.

    Tuesdays 7:00-8:30 pm
    September 8th -October 27th

    To register: 
    Contact Katie at

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    Hatha Fusion 10:15-11:30am

    10:/15 am-11:/30 am

    Hatha Fusion with Sheron Jutila

    Hatha Fusion
    Wednesdays 10:15-11:30am
    September 9th to October 28th, 8 weeks
    A gentle Hatha-based practice with other yoga and holistic body practices blended in. A mixture of floor and standing work. Options for increasing challenge and deepening awareness. A mixed level class with a thorough warm-up and poses to improve flexibility, balance, strength, and posture. Previous Hatha yoga (or similar) experience required.

    Flow and Let Go 5:45-7:00pm

    5:/45 pm-7:/00 pm

    Flow & Let Go with Liv Veenstra

    Build strength and flexibility in the body, as well as peace and focus in the mind. Focusing on alignment and breath-led movement, this class will begin with a mild vinyasa-styled flow and finish with a juicy yin release. Through the use of various modifications for poses and  hands-on assists, this class is well suited to those new to yoga as well as those looking to deepen their existing practice.

    5:45 pm – 7:00 pm
    September 16th – November 4th

    To Register/Investment:
    $150.00/8 weeks
    Payment can be made via e-transfer to

    Beginning Modern Dance for Adults 7:30-9:00pm

    7:/30 pm-9:/00 pm
    Beginning Modern Dance for Adults with Heather EvansBA Dance, Denison University
    Move. Flow. Explore! 

    Together we will explore the basic concepts of modern dance including proper warming up, strengthening techniques, alignment, movement vocabulary, and rhythm.  Each class will build on the one prior.  This modern dance session is designed to be fun and engaging for everyone, regardless of experience.  Please wear comfortable clothing (layers suggested) with bare feet or socks.

    Wednesdays 7:30 – 9:00 pm
    September 9th –  October 28th
    Investment: $108

    To Register:
    Contact Heather at